3 Fail Proof Tips for House Cleaning and Time Management

Keeping a house clean takes time and discipline. A professional house cleaning service maximizes their time while on the job, and you should too. Below are some tips that will help to save time when doing a house cleaning.

Break the Task Down

to-do-list-749304_960_720What exactly needs to be cleaned? If you are doing a general cleaning, make a list of the areas to clean and write down the specific cleaning tasks. Starting with the easiest tasks, write down each task and the time required to complete it. It is common for a maid service to require their maids prioritize their tasks in order to complete a house cleaning in a set amount of time. Knowing how long each task will take is especially important because completing quick tasks before moving onto a larger cleaning task builds motivation. Checking off each task as it is completed will also keep your motivation high.

Recruit Helpers

Families can set up a routine for cleaning. Children can help with basic tasks, with the tasks getting more challenging, as they grow older. Couples can divide and complete tasks on their free days. If recruiting family members is not an option, feel free to look into residential cleaning services. Once again, a maid service is incredibly useful for a comprehensive cleaning. They can be used for house cleaning weekly or just once. Even one deep cleaning will reduce the time spent on future house cleanings.

Hire Help for Larger Tasks

help-button-1067077_960_720Sometimes, the amount of time required for a house cleaning is just too much. In these cases, hire help from a residential cleaning service. A maid service can be used to clean tricky areas, such as the bathroom or the kitchen, freeing you up to tackle easier rooms. If there is one particular cleaning need, there is a specialist that can help you. Carpets, for example, are very difficult to clean properly. As a result there are Utah carpet cleaning services that will get the job done quickly and professionally. In cases of a cluttered home, you could rent self-storage to keep items that are rarely used.

House cleaning is an intimidating process. If time becomes an issue, remember to break the cleaning task down, recruit a cleaning team, and to seek hired help if necessary. A fresh, clean house is easier to maintain then a chronically dirty home.