Advanced Planning is Key to Reduced Stress when Moving Your Office

Running a successful business is difficult enough without the added stress that moving to a new office can induce. Vendors, utility companies and IT providers are just a few of the many professional relationships which will be affected, perhaps even changed dependent upon their service area and the new office location. Employee commutes, client or customer locations, even traffic flow all become a part of the planning and selection process.

Once the new location and the date of the move have been decided upon, the planning begins in earnest. There are some initial steps that can reduce the stress of moving.

Rent a Storage Space

Regardless of the type business, not everything has to be moved at the same time, and some things may actually become excess. Old files, furniture, outdated computers and printers tend to collect rather than be disposed of. Experienced business owners like D. Gary Young agree that moving time is a good time to clean house, but prudence dictates that nothing be tossed until the business is settled in the new location. That old printer may be placed back in service for a while. The best thing about renting a cheap storage unit is that it alleviates having to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard until more important matters have been tended to.

Leave Your Old Office Clean, and Move Into A Clean Office Spacebigstock-Cleaner-maid-woman-group-Isol-25077971-c-r

Most leases require that a final cleaning be performed when a space is vacated. Often a list of house cleaning services is available from the landlord for those businesses not already having one under contract. It pays to ensure that the same company performs carpet cleaning services as well. As a part of interviewing potential cleaning companies, it is worth asking for a discount or for a separate estimate for cleaning the space to be moved into. Although it will probably have passed landlord inspection, your employees will appreciate the extra effort.

There are many sources of stress when moving to a new office. Planning each step well in advance, keeping employees fully informed of what to expect and ensuring that the down time for actually relocating equipment and furniture is minimized will go a long way towards reducing the stress to a manageable level. Most plans will work if executed properly.